In the oil and gas sector now, one name that has been resonating like an anthem is that of Abayomi Awobokun, the founder and CEO of Service Liquids & Gas (SLG.)

Just like a thunderbolt, this guy suddenly stole into the consciousness of everyone in the industry and has since not looked back, making waves here and there with his rare acumen and industriousness. Before SLG, Abayomi was the CEO of Oando’s Downstream Businesses in Nigeria, West Africa, Europe and the Middle East for five years, which had a turnover of over $1bn In 2015, he grew the business to 15% of the private sector supply of refined products in Nigeria. He spent 11 years in Oando Group in numerous executive roles and led the 2016 $250m equity injection into the business by two international investors. This successful deal was the largest in the downstream sector in Nigeria in 2016.

His new ‘baby’ Enyo Retail and Supply Ltd., an indigenous oil and gas, and a customer-focused company, has been redefining petroleum products marketing by pioneering a technology-driven fuel retailing revolution in Nigeria’s downstream oil and gas sector. The company has also announced its rapid expansion plans across the country as it just acquired new retail stations to provide Nigerians with trusted fuel and other quality petroleum products and services. Designed to underline the company’s belief that new technologies and digital services play positive roles in transforming the society and enhancing individual quality of life, Enyo Retail and Supply Ltd is integrating first-class customer service experience for fuel and renewable energy products retailing in Nigeria.

Recently, the company launched its Fuelled by Trust – ‘1 litre is 1 litre’ initiative, which is targeted at ensuring consumers are provided with their products value worth. Leveraging on the words ‘trust’ and ‘fuel’, Enyo Retail & Supply is reinforcing its commitment as a truly customer focused brand. Its continuous delivery of authentic and innovative products/services is fuelled by positive customer and stakeholder experiences. ENYO Retail and Supply Ltd, which was founded in 2017, currently has over 55 stations and currently distributes over 1% of the national fuel consumption in Nigeria. The company operates in over 13 states of the country and serves over 50,000 customers daily. Products and services from the Company include Premium Castrol Lubricant, Superior Liquefied Gas, Vehicon, Reelax, and, Diesel2Door.

In 2019, ENYO intends to grow its footprint to achieve up to 2% of the local market share for PMS bought from retail stations nationwide. Abayomi Awobokun is a 2016 recipient of the Young Global Leader award from the World Economic Forum (WEF); and was nominated by the Choiseul Institute in Paris as one of the top 100 under 40 business leaders in Africa. Awobokun has a BSc in Pure & Applied Mathematics from the University of Ibadan, and an MSc in International Business from University of Surrey, UK. your social media marketing partner