Wednesday, Apr 2021

In the oil and gas industry, the name Femi Otedola reverberates like a trumpet and industry players can simply not wish him away when it comes to the nutty gritty of this very important business sector of the Nigerian economy.

The Chief executive of Zenon Oil has over the years proved that he is a master in the oil exploration and merchandising aspects of the industry and has made fortunes albeit legitimately out of the multi-billion naira venture which is exclusive to only a few people. But that is not the story here; it's about the other innate passions which always immaculate white enamoured billionaire Femi Otedola has over the years shown in very very unannounced format but only the initiated can acknowledge these traits of an exteremly fashion conscious person in him. This may be due to the big demand of his familiar terrain in the Oil and Gas world. But while all these have been going on, Femi Otedola's children have chosen to carve out this extra unique feature of their father by launching out in this terrain vis-a-viz entertainment and fashion.

While his first daughter Olawunmi who is based abroad is a soul singer and has release a couple of songs as well, the second daughter Dj Cuppy operates superlatively on the wheels of steel with a uniqueness that is mouth-gaping and the third daughter, Temi is a fashionista who recently launched her fashion blog JTO and has been garnering accolades from fashion lovers across the globe. Interestingly, their mother Nana of Ghanain origin also operates a bourgeous and top rated Dry Cleaning service known as Gament Care with branches in elite areas of Lagos. The nexus between Femi and his children is that while he's operating in the corporate world his children are actualizing the innate dream of their father in other area like showbiz and fashion businesses. Not forgetting their mother who also operates a business that is parallel to her husband's own, even though they all have prized degrees in chioce disciplines from Ivy League universities abroad.

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