Thursday, Aug 2021
Lagos top businesswoman and socialite, Princess Toyin Kolade and her customs officer husband, Price Kayode Kolade were at home on New Year day to fate guest, family and friends.
The party which took place at their expansive and sprowling mansion in Oko-Oba, Lagos was delight in all ramificaitons as everything was in aboundant from food delicacies, small chops, chioce/asorted drinks. The elegant woman of style stop at nothing to signal what people should expect at the coming grandious finally burial of her mom, which comes up in April in Ilesha, Osun State, those who grace the New Year party attested to the fact that the woman of substance and her husband are sure recurring decimals in the social establishment.
Princess Toyin Kolade was everywhere attending to the various guests who trickled in from noon to wee of the nigth and they all sure had a nice time, giving them the hint of what to expect at the obsequies of her mom, which she was very fond of while alive and will at nothing to bid Mama Alayeere who died at the age 92 a grand farewell. Princess Toyin Kolade is the MD/CEO of Fisolak Group of Companies and a top player in the maritime industry, not to forgert visible role in phillantrophic and charitable gestures which has been know for over the years.
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