It is no longer news that NTDC staff last week protested vehemently against the anti-corruption measures by new boss, Folorunsho Folarin Coker, a.k.a Folly Coker.

It goes without saying that there’s more than meets the eye over the grueling matter as facts unfolding revealed that Folly Coker may just be going the way of his predecessors. The ruckus of their grief resonates like the juggler’s sleight of hand. If they had their way, staff of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) would beguile the world with their usual tricks. And the target of their beef is as usual the new Director-General (DG) of the tourism corporation, Folorunsho Coker a.k.a Folly. There is no gainsaying staff of the NTDC are up to their usual antics again. They have started their wild, inexplicable protests against their boss. Findings revealed that they are angry with Coker because he has initiated measures to check their excesses and prevent corruption in the corporation. Coker has reportedly adopted a system that puts all processes under thorough checks, while he worked on a model to plug all loopholes and great mileage on all “investments” while “reinvesting” the gains back into the system. This served as a very rude shock to the workers who are used to doing business as usual. And in tandem with their established character, they have found the strategy to kick out “bad habits” in the system suffocating and decided to rebel by protesting against the leadership of Folly Coker. According to their usual antics, they waited till their new DG was absent from office before launching their protest march. They cashed in on his absence on Wednesday, November 29, to execute their usual strategy at the NTDC headquarters. Carrying placards bearing antagonistic messages in different dimensions, they dredged up all the charges used to paint their past bosses black against the new DG and orchestrated a “media campaign” to blow up things. It would be recalled that they deployed similar tactics against their past bosses and DGs of the NTDC from Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, to Omotayo Omotosho onto Sally Mbanefo. your social media marketing partner