Many have known her to be a one of Nigeria’s high flying social birds when the going was good, but now Elizabeth Atuche was forced to change her ways when things began to go south for her and her husband.

Today, Elizabeth is a staunch believer and ardent church attendant, the wife of former Managing Director of defunct Bank PHB Plc, Francis Atuche, has suffered some serious hard knocks with her husband and has been forced to flee her comfort zone in the boisterous social arena for reprieve in the house of God.

Rumor has it that she was forced to seek solace in God following her husband’s travails and feeling the heat as the next of kin to the troubled man, Elizabeth has taken their case to god.

She has done a sharp U-turn that saw her drop social presence for a spiritual voyage. She has also lost weight considerably, a development probably connected to incessant fasting and prayers. your social media marketing partner