Delicacies are meant to be taken by lover of good food. This is about how Labule Kitchen is making their many customers to roost.

As it's now the restaurant is now moving to a more spacious environment, as against its previous Ogudu area of Lagos.

The place is owned by the gorgeous and enterprising Binta Adisa, popularly known as 'Mama Labule', is now willing to open a new outlet in upscale of Lekki, where most of her corporate clients reside.

She squealed that when the place eventually opens, it will be the next please to visit for fun lovers.

Meanwhile, the popular moviemaker Tunde Kelani is the face of Labule' and he has been using his personage to attract customers to the eatery.

Corporate players are now set to besiege the Lekki phase of 'Labule Kitchen', with her hubby, Lanre Adisa of Noak's Ark Communication who's close ally to Kola Abiola pulling all stunts to bring them down to the new watering hole. your social media marketing partner