The saying that it takes a strong man to be a father and even a stronger man to be a grieving father; the act of being a good father starts with his ever presence at the mercies of his children.

Perhaps one of the fledgeling NGOs to reckon with in recent times is the HOW Foundation; which was formed a few years back as the brainchild of effervescent Herbert Wigwe, MD/CEO of Access Bank Nig. Plc. The national and futuristic global organization, since inception, has been sharing the same passion and drives around malaria, prostate cancer and youth development with leadership and mentorship programmes, initiating various seminars and workshops aimed at providing youths with support to push them closer to achieving greatness in their careers choices. Speaking from personal experience, he enthuses that we all grew up in interest circumstances, it was at a time that there was unity, it was a time when children from diverse cultures came together, went to same schools, and we learnt how to tolerate each other, and lived together as one. The mercurial banker, Herbert Wigwe, enjoys being in the company of children, kids particularly, whom he uses to serve as a leisure provider in his spare time. And this has always been what amazes many in their midst. Herbert is a miracle-working banker and the Banking guru is not just an efficient administrator but a seasoned leader. This is why he is continually revered and celebrated among his ilk and contemporaries. He understands the rudiments of the business landscape enough to tame the odds and he has been doing just that. As a chief executive, particularly one dealing with intense pressures, Wigwe relies on many things, perspective and context; and strategic counsel and courage of conviction. However, chief among them is loyalty, which he guards jealously. He wears his badge of temperance and humility in the shape of a subtly hued bow-tie thus affirming that he is a gentleman. your social media marketing partner