Just like the earth is a beautiful bride that needs no man-made jewel to heighten its loveliness; so also it is paradoxical with human beings.

For some time now, many have been wondering about his new impressive come-back verve in the political firmament, especially in the ruling party of the state, APC.

The former deputy governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, is no doubt showing from his demeanour that old wine gets better in an old bottle.

The re-emergence of the grandson of the famous and renowned Penkelemes of Ibadan family, Adebayo Adelabu in the volatile politics of Oyo state has taken a refreshingly different and unique dimension.

Presently, events unfolding in the state have indicated that BAF, as he is fondly, is gradually taking the driver’s seat in the political train of the state.

The indices of his fast-growing relevance cannot be ignored for obvious reasons. Since the out-come of the APC governorship congress of Oyo State favored him overwhelmingly, having emerged the flag bearer of the party, BAF has been the recurring decimal in the state and even beyond.

Adelabu has since been savouring the victory, and he has been in appreciative mood, moving from one end to the other and simultaneously formally accentuating and consolidating his 2019 ambition, consulting APC stakeholders in Abuja and back home in his state.

His philanthropic and charitable gestures have also resumed new dimensions, with lots of goodies and projects for his constituents and Oyo state citizens in general.

He sure has the ace to carry the day, when the game gets going and political watchers are giving him the go-ahead. Bayo Adelabu is stealthily answering this question in the affirmative, and will surely prove bookmakers wrong come February 2019, when the real game will be played and won.

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