Many successful people in their endeavours always have one story or the other to tell about their thorny road to success, but highly entrepreneurial Ayodele Ogunsan will never shy away from the humble beginnings he had before fate smiled on him to become a thriving auto engineer.

This is why he does not forget, at any available opportunity, to give back to the society that made him, always doling out to the needy and helping the indigent from the much God has endeared him with.

Here is a man who cannot afford to see a fellow human in pain or want. He is ever ready to go the extra mile by way of helping them, and this generosity and philanthropic gestures cut across all boards nay ethnic, religious, age or gender boundaries.

Ogunsan has over the years come to register his name in the firmament of the Nigerian enterprise world, having risen from grass to grace and is now standing shoulder to shoulder with industry giants.

The auto dealer and higher education consultant, Ayodele is the Chairman, Executive Group, a conglomerate comprising Executive Motors Limited, Executive Voyage and Logistics, Executive Trainers and Executive Education Consulting Limited and related business ventures with a special focus in automobiles sales and services particularly on Peugeot brand.

Dr. Ogunsan, a very decent and stylish man, has shown through his diverse business exposures in Nigeria and abroad, that success and achievements are the result of hard work, resilience, focus, drive and commitment, without cutting corners. your social media marketing partner