It’s still celebration time for enterprising and homely Amaka Amatokwu, a virtuous woman of valour driven with innovative ideas and creative concepts and an Amazon in business in Africa and the Diaspora.

The CEO at The Pyne Project & Awards, with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry, added a year few days back and characteristic of her she threw a sparse birthday party for self, where family, friends and staff came to jubilate with her on her day.

This woman has been so relevant in the industry that she operates and she doesn’t hang any hair around herself for this, without even any crave for publicity.

It was indeed a modest birthday celebration that almost went unnoticed by the prying eyes of the ever intrusive media.

Amaka is the President and Founder of the Women in Hospitality Nigeria Initiative, a movement started to create uniformity and build an official presence in the Nigerian hospitality industry with an association of women in Nigeria and abroad.

Her platform aims to provide encouragement to women in the hospitality industry with the promotion of gender diversity and leadership in hospitality and tourism.

She is known to have a wealth of hospitality experience and it was her birthday no doubt, but effervescent and industrious Amaka would not allow such a day to whittle down her zeal and dint of hard work and continuity in innovativeness and work resilience, thus the mild celebration. To Amaka, birthdays are worth celebrating, but must not be allowed to come in the way of work. your social media marketing partner

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