Not allowing itself to be ruffled by its recent travails, foremost telecoms company, MTN, has continued to trudge on in its commitment to better the lots of Nigerians through its various CSR programs unhindered, as it still continues to seek ways to contribute to the Nigerian economy by extending its partnership capabilities to brighten the lives of small business owners within the country.

Recently, MTN Nigeria, in partnership with Microsoft, held the maiden session of the MTN-Microsoft Training Program in Lagos; a program aimed at empowering Nigeria’s the fast-growing SME segment to streamline their financial and business processes, improve customer interactions and make better decisions with integrated intelligence. The training also allowed business owners to standardize their entire organizational business processes, including sales, finance, human resources, operations, logistics and marketing to function as one integrated whole, by connecting data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and customer interactions. The SMEs gained access to a holistic view of business management and chart financial performance in real time. Over 50 SMEs benefited from the six-hour session and gained first-hand experience on how to use Microsoft Excel to improve accounting and record keeping.

Speaking on the experience, one of the entrepreneurs, Cecelia Edom, CEO of Cece Confectionary said, “This has been very instrumental in helping to bring technology and management closer to entrepreneurs. It was a great opportunity to show anyone that they can learn the basics of computer science in a fun and engaging way.

The participants demonstrated great enthusiasm throughout the sessions, as well as the willingness to learn how to perfect their organizational skills. Selected guests at the training were also treated to various gifts to help impact their respective businesses positively. The training is the first in the series of training collaborations MTN has planned for small business owners across various regions in the country to deliver value to their businesses. your social media marketing partner

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