These are names that have solid pedigrees with a tempting historical background in Lagos, more so in the business and political circuits of the nation.

The name Otedola came into public limelight via the late Sir Michael Otedola, a great Nigerian politician, businessman, entrepreneur and former Governor of Lagos State. He hailed from Odorangunshin, Epe Local Government Area of Lagos State; while the name Tinubu gained prominence from the historical page of Lagos and Nigeria, in 1993 when Chief Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubuwas elected Senator for the Lagos West Senatorial District, and also doubled as elected governor of Lagos State, with chieftaincy titles of Asiwaju of Lagos and Jagaban of the Borgu Kingdom in Niger State, Nigeria. These household names, Otedola and Tinubu, have immensely contributed to developmental and economic growth of Lagos and Nigeria, whichever way you want to look at them. Their sons and daughters have since kept on the legacies laid down by their forbears, in making Lagos one of the notable renowned cities in the world. Very soon, the masses are yet to witness another historical page in Lagos, if what is filtering around is anything to go by, in the forthcoming political dispensation.

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These two families of Lagos are again set to take the center stage of the activities of the state by positioning their sons to lead the governmental affairs of the state. Femi Otedolaand Seyi Tinubu are reportedly being prepared and positioned to take over the administration of Lagos in 2023. Until then, the itch to hail them as the next Governors of the state, come 2023 will continue to be in the realm of conjecture, impatience and long waiting. Though, Femi and Seyi will surely be the men to beat, if they so choose to fly their governorship kite in the state, irrespective of the platform of the party they so please and settle for in the course of time. Five years from now to 2023 are enough time for them, and it’s only a matter of time and exigency, coupled with their household goodwill, solid financial pedigrees and wide acceptance by the good people of Lagos state. your social media marketing partner