Just as he is still navigating the political terrain of his Surulere Federal Constituency to make good his aspiration to clinch a Reps seat in the next dispensation, deeply grass-rooted politician and youthful Seyi Clement is gradually inching up in other spheres that will further advance his ambition.

He has an extensive national and international experience in the area of law, healthcare and infrastructural development. As a first-time candidate for elected office, he believes that his constituency needs a fresh impetus. It is not uncommon to have representatives who have been in office for many years and his constituency is no different. As a lawyer and public officeholder in the UK, he understands the importance of transparency and accountability. He has served in a public office in the UK for eight years, with a glowing record of delivering on promises and projects.  He also chaired a public committee for two years, giving him the understanding of the importance of carrying people along with him and managing complex issues. All these issues are close to his heart, regarding his constituency which Seyi is angling to project with transparency, accountability and effective representation. The financially-endowed formidable aspirant, with the passing days and feelers being gotten from hindsight, respectful and humble Seyi may clinch the ticket if the playing field is level, even as he is believed to be the most-favoured among his co-aspirants and this is no grand-standing. The UK-trained lawyer has since been notching up his potential as a federal legislator to be, and all the math point in his direction, even outside his party affiliation. Seyi Clement is already on a roller-coaster to the Abuja Green Chamber, all things being equal.

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