Wednesday, Feb 2021


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Perhaps one of the fledgling NGOs to reckon with in recent times is the HOW Foundation; which was formed few years back, is the brainchild of Herbert Wigwe, MD/CEO of Access Bank Nig. Plc, the national and futuristic global organization.

Since inception it has been sharing the same passion and drove around malaria, prostate cancer and youth development with leadership and mentorship programmes, initiating various seminars and workshops aimed at providing youths with support to push them closer to achieving greatness in their careers choices. The mercurial banker, Herbert Wigwe, enjoys being in the company of children, kids particularly, whom he uses to service as a leisure provider in his spare time. And this has always been what amazes many in their midst, HOW, the foundation, is led by industrious Antonia Alli, who is nurturing students on how to get things done and how to achieve success. ‘It's about how to empower people especially the youth, getting them to be the best, and not necessarily giving excuses but creating the reasons and avenues to succeed in their chosen careers.’ Herbert Wigwe is a phenomenon in the banking industry, and he is always stooping to conquer in any field he finds himself. That is HOW (Herbert Onyembu Wigwe) does his things.

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