They are both men of proven immense wealth, lovers of humanity and embodiment of philanthropy, whose milk of human kindness, like an inestimable fountain, have endlessly flowed to whet parched throats and sooth frayed nerves across the land, are highly-regarded, respected and honoured in the society.

Their philanthropic activity cut across many spheres of the society and transcends ethnic, social and religious boundaries and devoted a substantial part of their private resources towards the care and service of not just the less privileged in society but also to humanity as a whole. But another nexus between MKO Abiola and T.B. Joshua is very complacent, and the charity and philanthropy that radiate between the two cannot be over emphamzized, they belong to the same category, and the June 12 that join them together now is left to everyone’s imagination. Now, that June 12, is now being acknowledged and registered as public holiday in honor of MKO Abiola as a fighter of democracy, it’s also a joyful and most memorable day for T.B. Joshua and his church members who dote on him for miracles, signs and wonders to celebrate the man of God. Temitope Joshua has come to be the one that can be the quintessential instrument of God and he is now the in-thing. Though, T.B Joshua’s name will continue to reverberate in the consciousness of many for many reasons, either positive or negative; but it has always been proven that whatever angle he is being harangued from or saluted from, one fact has always remained synonymous with a common denominator in his assessment is that T.B. Joshua can't be simply removed from the consciousness of Nigerians and even non-Nigerians, just like Late Chief MKO Abiola. your social media marketing partner