Wednesday, Feb 2021

Elegant singer and scion of Michael Olorogun Ibru, Gloria Ibru says music indeed was a pastime in their home and flows in their veins.

The singer has been performing live music for three decades now and prides herself as the only female to have sustained a live band for the long period playing in almost all the clubs in Lagos and also being by corporate bands.
Gloria clocked 50 early this year (March 11) and she has been thanking God for the gift of life as some of her friends passed away recently as a result of ailment.

Recently, she granted an interview with a renowned journalist cum publisher giving the secret of her staying power, the mother of two who has had a successful surgery says she will have a big birthday celebration in December as her first daughter will be 21 years.
"I have been on stage almost 30 years. I have a beautiful daughter. She will be 21 this year. That is another thanksgiving for me. There are so many things. I have played for the biggest conglomerate in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. People look at me as an icon. The youths look up to me as someone to emulate. I am a role model to plenty of youths.
I have had plenty of youths pass through me. I don’t think there is any musician in Nigeria that does not know me or at one point in time had not played with me, or pass through me. That is a major achievement. I am probably the only woman in Nigeria, who has been able to put a band together for almost 30 years. That is an achievement. Again, I am grateful", says Gloria.

Speaking on her journey to music; said, “Music met me a long time ago from the age of 7 when she joined the Church Choir. From then on, school choirs, University Choirs, came home still, the music bug was in my body. I sang from bar to bar, with bands and like 7 years after that I decided to put my own band together. And the rest is history, actually studied Communications Management and I tried my hands on business for a while, it just didn’t work. Like I tell everyone that care to listen, when you come from a family of 17 children, we can’t all do the same thing. Obviously there will be Doctors, Lawyers, there will be Musicians. It just happens that my sisters and I are the ones that fell into the Entertainment world. I know it is from my background. My mother was an Arts person. My mother loved the Arts. She loved music. And she loved stage. From a very tender age, she took us to musical Theatres. There was always music in my house. Obviously at that time, it was music of the days before the Highlife, the Jazz, the Nat King Coles, and the Harry Belafontes. That was a great influence to us. We were very close to our Mum. We were very attached to our mother. We took her as a serious, serious role model. Nobody else was better than my Mum in our eyes. That influenced us a lot. I guess that must be the reason the 3 of us are into Entertainment.”

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