If you are a fashionista and style aficionado, and you’re yet to visit Hope Plaza in Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos, for one fashion appurtenance or the other, then you may still be far from being a modern trendsetter or jetsetter in the fashion league.

This is because, of late, the fashion haven has been a Mecca of sorts for queens, princesses, high-powered female celebrities, top female politicians, Nollywood divas, discerning female captains of industry and higher institution big babes. All of them are now awe-struck of Kiki Okewale, the delectable disarmingly beautiful owner of the one-stop fashion outlet. And the reason is not far-fetched from the undeniable fact that Kiki’s designs come with uniqueness, exquisiteness and superb styling excellence. The amiable and gorgeous woman, who is married to popular Lagos city doctor and author, Babatunde Okewale is rapidly getting all the salutary accolades and attention from those who matter pocket and fashion-wise, simply because of her array of stylish fashion designs with which they are now taking their fashion games to the next level. Kiki Okewale’s distinctive collections have carved for her, an enviable niche in the hub of high-edge fashion. And her unique selling point is her unparalleled mastery of combining colors and sparkles in a most remarkably amazing way that makes her clients glitter like a million diamond. For what HOPE Fashion and Kiki Okewale stand for, look no further than the charming and resourceful clothier herself as she is her own number one brand ambassador, everyday living her trade and walking the talk by adorning colorful luxury pieces from head to toe, and effectively representing her brand essence of quality, class and elegance.

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