The leading sanitation company, Visonscape has joined forces with The Dorcas Cancer Foundation (TDCF) to rescue children from cancer and to foot treatment of children living with cancer while creating more awareness on early detection.

The Founder, TDCF, Dr. Adedayo Joseph, who stated this during a recent visit to children living with cancer in Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, lamented that children die of cancer as a result of negligence and financial constraints involve in treatment of cancer; a situation the foundation is hoping to address.

“We are here because we want to help children survive cancer. We say all the time that our children are our future and anytime a child is lost, that future is gone. We are bothered because these children can survive.

Childhood cancer has better chances of being tackled than adult cancer. Our survival rate here is poor compared to what obtains in the Western world, and this is caused by multiple problems like delayed detection, lack of access to treatment and financial constraint.”

Speaking on awareness creation and fund raising, Joseph said the foundation was trying to do its work on certain levels.

“We want to work on advocacy to have institutionalised plans, we want to directly fund treatment for the children that we have right now, and we want to increase awareness so that detection will occur early. This will prevent them from developing stage three and four cancers,” she said. your social media marketing partner