Friday, Jan 2021

“Never be an insincere friend, never be manipulative, one day you will be discovered and lose everything.” These words of  Bangambiki Habyarimana, the author of popular book, ‘Great Pearl of Wisdom’, readily comes to mind in the story of one Rotimi Osobemekun, a longtime friend of His Imperial Majesty, Ooni Enitan Babatunde Adeyeye Ogunwusi.

Suffice to say that the hitherto obscure Osobemekun, now popularly known in social and business circles as Osobe, suddenly came in to the consciousness of a few, when the Ooni of Ife, (Ojaja 11) ascended the throne of his forefathers, well over two years ago. Being his longtime friend, Osobe and many other friends of the  youthful monarch, began to enjoy the accompanying limelight, courtesy the revered and coveted stool of the Ooni. However, along the line, Osobe, who, reportedly, doesn’t have a visible means of income or source of livelihood, except hibernating with his family in London, mischievously developed subterranean cunning antics to milk from his new-found stardom a la his relationship with the royal father. He decided to exploit his long-standing alliance with the arguably most revered royal father in the Yoruba land, to stealthily line his pocket. UrbanLife gathered that Osobe, has been surreptitiously using his closeness to and long acquaintance with His Imperial Majesty, Oba Ogunwusi, to variously smile to the banks on steady basis, and these antics do not seem to abate. If you recall, through his phony Ooni of Ife Global Outreach, he facilitated the visit of the Ooni of Ife to England early last year, a largely successful trip that was later found to have been riddled with tales of visa racketing allegations, majorly traced to the doorsteps of the Rotimi Osobemekun. To elevate his personality, we hear the loud mouthed  Osobe, had boasted to almost everybody he knows about his long-standing cordial relationship of many years with the Kabiyesi, which by extension and his input, could facilitate an audience with the Ooni, but with a proviso, that this must come at a staggering fee, usually determined by Osobe, depending on the nature and substance of the intended meeting with the Ooni. According to an unimpeachable source, Osobe, has effortlessly been leveraging on his closeness to the Ooni, and has been contriving this factor to rip-off those who want to see or meet the Ooni for one reason or the other. Incontrovertible information has it that over the years, Osobe has been fingered in many instances of how he has used this privileged connection to enrich himself, so much that he now makes bold to say that no one can see the Ooni for any pecuniary reason, without passing through him. One of such antics of Osobe, was the paid-for facilitated visit of the Adron Properties’ boss, Oba  Adetola Emmanuel King, to the Ooni of Ife in May, 2017, for which Osobe charged the Adrom boss, a cool (2m) two million Naira, through a former Adron staff, known as Toun. In the shady deal, Osobe also requested for his flight ticket to London to be paid for. Since the arranged meeting, the union between the Adron boss and Ooni of Ife has become so impregnable and very close that many now think, they have been friends since the days of yore. The friendship has even taken a notch higher as there are reports that Adron’s younger sister, may soon become the wife and new Oloori of Ooni. That is another story anyway. Meanwhile, although, it is not yet clear whether the Ooni was aware of his bosom friend, Osobe’s undercover and cunning habits, and despite the many scandals of rippings-off that Osobe has been fingered in over time, he is still standing tall and remains recalcitrant. But the fact remains that if Osobe’s unbecoming attitudes are not quickly nipped in the bud, he might just be putting the Ooni’s royalty and reputation in disrepute.


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