Friday, Jan 2021

In a lot of ways she has always been on a class of her own. Delectable Offiong Ejindu was born into royalty, same royalty she exudes in all she does. This industrious Architect Offiong was a few days ago listed among the top ten female icons in her chosen profession – Architecture in Africa. Of the ten, it is instructive to note that there are only two Nigerians on the list.

Born to Professor Sylvester Joseph Una, Fifi studied at Pratt Institute, a private design College in New York where she graduated to become the first black African woman to be awarded a B.Arch from the Institute. She later went back to the Institute for her Masters degree in Urban Planning after which she returned to Nigeria. The CEO of Starcrest Group has always been a trailblazer. She has established herself as one of the few successful women in her field in Nigeria apart from diversifying into oil and gas as well as properties. What many do not know is that she is the brain behind some of ABUJA city’s top edifices as her architectural prowess continues to astound many. As stated by Wikipedia, she describes her architecture as Neo-traditional, meaning building new project with new materials but with traditional and old style, details and features. This is why most of her projects are reminiscences of the Renaissance period. Given the way she stands out in her work, it is not unexpected that she stands tall even in a profession dominated by men. The recent recognition is just one of the few testimonies that her efforts are recognised internationally. The Obonganwan King James who is a highly  revered back home as  Princess is loved home and abroad not just because of her numerous outstanding achievements in her field but also her philanthropy. That the international recognition is coming at a time when she has decided to dedicate herself more to what she can do for others shows that her works continue to speak for her.

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