Sometime during the week, the story broke out that one Tony Rapu was among four persons allegedly defrauded by a businesswoman, Olaremi Dilureni, of several millions of Naira.

It has since been discovered that the Tony Rapu mentioned in the allegation is not the popular Pastor Tony Rapu, the Senior Pastor of House of Freedom Church, and that the pastor only coincidentally shares the same name with the one mentioned in the story. As a matter of fact, the Tony Rapu that was mentioned in the case is actually a top player in the oil and gas industry. It was only natural and commonsensical that since Pastor Rapu is the only known and popular name of the two Rapus, it would be inferred that he was the one being referred to in the issue. He (Pastor Tony Rapu) only shares the same name with the oil and gas business executive, and only erroneously mistaken for the victim. The report had really disturbed the Pastor’s church members, who are saying that as an anointed man of God, their pastor can never fall victim to fraudsters, as he does not even engage in any form of business except the work of God which he has been doing for years since his days at the famed Redeemed Christian Church of God under the revered Pastor E.A. Adeboye.  

To furher lend credence to this affirmation, an unimpeachable source in Pastor Rapu’s church said, “Pastor Rapu was not the one involved in the incident. It is not the first time that such a mix-up would happen. He has never invested in a diesel business and he is not party to any case with the EFCC.”

An abridged profile of Pastor Tony Rapu will shed more light on the impeccable character of the very humble and unassuming Man of God.

‘Tony Rapu was born in Kano on January 1st 1957 as the only son out of five children to T.D. Rapu and Maria Rapu (nee Ofili.) He attended the elite King’s College, Lagos and the premier University of Ibadan where he took a degree in Zoology and later in Medicine.  While was working as a Medical Doctor at Eko Hospital, in 1986, he gave his life to Christ at a Friendship Bible Study meeting in the Ikoyi residence of his eldest sister, Mrs. Bridget Itsueli. Shortly after his conversion he had an epiphany and in a bid to make sense of it, his sister introduced him to a doctor of mathematics-turned-preacher called Pastor E.A. Adeboye. Pastor Adeboye describes this meeting as a divine one. He explained that the day Tony Rapu stepped into his office, God told him the young man was one of three men who would be instrumental to the realization of the vision of the RCCG to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.  Since he officially put down his stethoscope and picked up the Bible some 25 years ago, Tony Rapu continues to step beyond the confines of the pulpit, into the pews, and beyond the pews to meet the people where they are. He continues to roll up his sleeves and put his hand into the mud of society to address the issues we would rather look away from. His training as a medical doctor has enabled him to understand the tripartite nature of man, helping him address the effects of sin not just on the spirit but on the mind and the body of men. Today he continues his work under the House of Freedom, the umbrella organization reaching out to different strata of society – This Present House (the flagship church), The Water Brook (church for young adults), God Bless Nigeria (church reaching out to the poor indigent communities), Holy Trinity Church (for an orthodox yet vibrant expression of faith), The Potters House, (a community church in Costain), and Mount Zion (a church reaching out in areas like Alpha Beach and Jakande). Through the Freedom Foundation he oversees Genesis House and House of Refuge (rehabilitation and empowerment organizations) and Bethesda (an education agency). Tony Rapu the reformer is also a committed family man, who dotes on his wife, Nkoyo, their two daughters – Dr Uju Rapu, Barrister Kene Rapu and their son, Mr Tobe Rapu, who is a university student. your social media marketing partner

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