Another celebrity marriage has just suffered a big blow, and this time around it is from the Okoya dynasty. She is fair, divinely fair; like a fit love for gods.

Add beauty to her dazzling intellect and you have the perfect epitome of the quintessential alpha female. She is Bisola Dejonwo, the first daughter of Wosilat Okoya-Seriki, the younger sister of billionaire industrialist, Alhaji Razaq Akaanni Okoya. This is bad news for her and her estranged husband, Jide Tokan. They allegedly broke up with a lingering, lamenting kiss, sucking their two souls. Hardly anyone knows the actual reason for Bisola, the beautiful daughter of Wosilat Okoya’s touted separation from her husband of few years, but everyone in the know should remember their love story and how it transformed into matrimony. It is no secret that the duo were involved in a sizzling romance that seemingly defied common sense and wanton speculations of the high society rumour mill; but like most celebrity marriages, their well-celebrated romance has run its full course. Bisola is said to have watched helplessly as her marriage to Jide crashed like a pack of badly-arranged cards. She confided to her very close friends that romance and re-marriage are the least of her priority at the moment, but she decided to reassemble the shattered pieces of her life by immersing herself in hard work. After her marriage failed, it was expected that her beauty, success and pedigree would attract fresh suitors to her but it appears Bisola is not in a hurry to get entangled in another cupid affair. your social media marketing partner