As a new generation bank Guaranty Trust Bank has been on the upswing, and this could not have been possible without the honcho input of Mr. Segun Agbaje who has been driving the bank to salient heights.

Segun Agbaje has been guaranteeing the bank with his muscular trust to make the bank the best of all in the industry. GTBank can boast of many services that are not reflected in other banks and this is where Segun Agbaje comes in. Segun is one man who strives for excellence in life and business; though his dedication and committed leadership have helped him to achieve greatness in life, and have also helped to position GTBank as a major player in the financial services industry, since he assumed the helms of the bank few years ago, as it has witnessed a rise in fortune. The bank boss, unknown to many, is one individual who can be referred as one of the eggheads of the banking industry in Nigeria, but aside from work ethics, his simplicity speaks volume. Even the last year achievements and success story of the bank can be itemized in the 737 mobile banking services, where the bank made huge profits; the Fashion Weekend that gathered over 90 fashion retailer, 9 fashion master classes, 12 Runway shows and over 120,000 visitors - (pre-event cocktails, event highlights) and FoodDrinks Festival witness over 100 food retails and 10 international chefs with 120,000 visitors also came as an addendum to the Segun Agbaje multi-directional capacity, which cuts across all spheres. That is why GTBank remains the bank of the moment, churning out sundry CSR programmes. your social media marketing partner

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