The man we know as Santa Claus has a history all his own, and he is thought of mainly as the jolly man in full red, just like the Christmas season is in the moment, but many do not know that Santa Claus is the real reason for the season.

According to history, from time immemorial, Santa Claus is a cheerful and generous giver, and this is where our subject in this story falls in.  The AEROLAND boss, Segun Adewale is making good statements with his philanthropic gestures, especially in this season of festivities. He doled out many gifts to the under-privileged from one neighborhood to the other, and his response from those who benefitted from his largesse, were most grateful to the Man of the Man of the Moment. Right now, in Ekiti State, Segun Adewale, is the sing song on the mouths of indigenes, and will make a bold statement when the time comes for those that will dictate the pace of who runs the state. He has now made himself known to his people, and they have accordingly recognized him as their son, in whom they will believe in. Away from politics, Segun Adewale, has been a cheerful giver, in his ALIMOSHO, Lagos base, and has never stopped doing good things for his people; just as he has started doing same for his Ekiti ilk. your social media marketing partner