Wednesday, Jan 2021


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The foibles that greeted the protests of NTDC workers against the continued headship of the tourism agency by Mr. Folorunsho Foplarin Coker, aka Folly Cvoker, cannot be imagined in the least. What is now coming out from the grapevine is that a former Director General of the agency is behind the mass protests by the workers, as he is believed to be angling for the office again. Let us tell you for a knowing that this former boss of NTDC is an Otunba, with S and R, as his names. He was said to have used his foot soldiers still in the agency to instigate other workers against Folly Coker. How he will get his motives realized can only be left in the realm of conjectures. Meanwhile, the mercurial city boy, Folorunsho Coker, is like a cat with nine lives and has come to prove that he is one person that cannot be toyed with in the face of controversies, condemnations and annihilations. Like him or hate him, Folly is a recurring decimal in the arena of tourism and related spheres. Folly peacefully came into the public service and was quietly plying his trade as a businessman of legitimate status, without let or hindrance.
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