Wednesday, Feb 2021


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Despite all the hues and cries that have been greeting his unwavering presidential ambition, the Turaki of Adamawa and former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, still remains dogged and steadfast with his ambition.

Give or take, the political titan has got all it takes to march on in the seemingly volatile murky waters of politics. Undaunted and never dispirited about whatever his traducers are flying about him, the Turaki still stands tall like a Rock of Gibraltar. In virtually all the six geopolitical zones, there are scores of people and institutions that have benefitted from his large heart and political marksmanship; and these are the people that standing solidly behind him whenever the time comes to make good his presidential ambition. Even those who are having a contrary opinion of his political zealousness, saying he is a desperate and inordinately ambitious man, will no doubt be surprised that he is not miffed at what they are harbouring negatively about him. But we can only wait till 2019 which might ultimately be the year for the Turaki to harvest what he has severally sown in the past years.

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