Those who knew him years back will tell readily tell you that he had a very high flying lifestyle that gave him out as a social and lover of good taste for metropolitan life.

But since he became th Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Pan African banking group, the United Bank of Africa, Kennedy Uzoka, has suddenly adopted a rather refurbished lifestyle that is devoid of showmanship or camaraderie of any kind; only facing with bated breath the arduous task of managing the bank with all dexterity, and living a normal life of an ordinary citizen. As the MD/CEO, he has not betrayed any trust that he is at his work place to make a difference for the bank in the corporate world; so no time for inanities and limelight or social life that is not needful. Thus, few weeks back, when he added a year to his years on earth, he opted for a very modest and low profile celebration. But unknown to him, his close friends and immediate family, had another plan for him, as they surprised him with a fairly elaborate birthday bash, which was a bit more and better celebrated than the one he had in mind, and guarded with top secrecy. It was even gathered that most top and junior staff were not even aware of any birthday gig coming up for their ‘Oga a the top’, which came and went so low key, as the resourceful banker, Kennedy Uzorka, had in mind, except for the added spice his close friends and family added to the glee. To be a visionary is to see far ahead and beyond the limited sights of one’s contemporaries, to glean the inviting land of Canaan, while yet in the wilderness, and set off fearlessly in pursuit of boundless conquests. Maybe the foregoing words were what became the guiding principle of the astute banker, immediately he assumed the mantle of leadership at the foremost bank, and this is salutary of him. your social media marketing partner