Wednesday, Feb 2021


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Many know that he has an ambition to rule the country, and this stating the obvious.

The Turaki Adamawa has been making subtle moves to realize this ambition, and indications are that he may just sail through, if he gets his bearings right. His body language in recent time has depicted a man with solid mission, to occupy the plum number one seat of the country in 2019. In the past few months, gauging the political math in the country, former vice-President, Atiku Abubakar, has been making subtle but very frantic moves to make his dream come to reality in 2019. Those close him vow that he is effortlessly leaving no stone unturned, even as early as now, through various consultations with virtually all the stakeholders in the political terrain, especially across his party APC, the platform on which he is sure to come out on; and even across other parties. While his think-tank teams are busy canvassing for his ambition, Atiku is quietly making peace with those who could throw spanners in his wheel of progress as the next President of Nigeria. The Adamawa State-born prolific politician and widely-networked ex-customs top shot is definitely not a push over in the volatile game of politics in Nigeria and he is ready to give his best shot for the plum post come 2019. Most of his allies across all the states of the federation have been perfecting strategies and knocking heads together with the Turaki Adamawa to ensure a soft landing when the real time comes for the people to decide. Within the rank and file of many political parties, there are under currents that the former vice president is about the most-favoured among the strong contenders for the post, but Atiku is not only relying on this, because he is a well-loved and adored leader of up and coming politicians in Nigeria, and this is another edge for him. He may just be the New Hope for Nigeria.

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