Those who were privy to the above photograph taken in London 10 years ago when the high-flying bank was inaugurated into the London Stock Market, will not but notice a tinge of difference in the personae that graced the 10 years anniversary of the bank on the LSMfew months back.

{gallery}gtbank{/gallery}We leave you to notice the differences and changes in the people on the stand during the celebration. Nonetheless, the celebration would have been a much more remarkable one if the now deceased Tayo Aderinokun was in the jubilation party; reason being that it was in his era as the MD/CEO of GTbank that the bank was admitted into the LSM. In the same vein, the current MD/CEO of the bank, Segun Agbaje, who co-incidentally was the pioneer MD of the London GTbank, is also not doing back in his present saddle. It is a matter of continuity in perpetuity. Need we say more? your social media marketing partner

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