When he turned forty years weeks back, many had expected him to roll out the drums in celebration of the milestone attainment; but the dude and Managing Director of flourishing Obat Oil conglomerate, Femi Obateru, popularly known as Femi Obat, chose to shun flamboyance and unnecessary display of affluence, when many are wallowing in abject poverty and squalor occasioned by the nagging economic recession.

That day, the Ugo prince and son of the Olugbo of Ugboland, Ilaje, HRM Frederick Obateru retired to his native land in the waterside of Ondo state in company of some medical doctors and health care givers where many peasants and less-privileged were given free health care treatment and basic food stuffs as a succor. Later in the day, Femi was at his church for a thanksgiving service after which guests were treated to a very modest reception. What many may however not know about the very officious and ebullient Femi is that for a couple of years or more now, he has shunned the social limelight and now fully embraced God becoming a serious born-again Christian. In fact, she now worships fervently and piously at the new generation Pentecostal church, Trinity House, ably pastured by mercurial accountant-turned-Pastor Ituah Ighodalo.

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