Sunday, Jan 2021

The centre cannot hold as things have fallen apart, as the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi’s marriage is now in crisis.

Information reaching Airwaves Report says that the marriage with Olori Wuraola may have packed up like a pack of cards. This is because the couple has not been in talking terms lately. Though many have described the marriage as a sham, plagued by suspicion, hatred and devoid of love, the couple started the marriage on a good note showing love and affection towards one another and travelling together to romantic islands to savour conjugal bliss. Now Olori is being accused of many unpublishable things and lack of commitment to her marital vows. Considering the status and paraphernalia that trails the office of Ooni, this shouldn’t have been. It is of a sad note that one year down the line, the marriage has crashed irretrievably. The well-celebrated marriage has run its full course. While it lasted, they had no child.
Their wedding ceremony last year was undeniably one of the most glamorous at the period it was held; the planning and guest list distinguished it from hordes of other wedding ceremonies.
In a related development, Olori Wuraola is in pains. A source revealed that Olori Wuraola is not disposed to her husband taking a second wife assuming the Ooni changes his mind on the marriage.  
Some prominent chiefs have been mounting pressure on the rich and powerful king to take a second wife because tradition stipulates that he can marry as many wives as he wants.
Those close to the couple disclosed that the queen has been running from pillar to post appealing to eminent Nigerians close to the husband to dissuade him from taking a new wife. She was said to have ran to ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo recently to intervene.

Additional report from #TheCapitalNG

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