Monday, Jan 2021

Just like the proverbial cat with nine lives, the enfant terrible in the upper chamber of the national assembly; Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West senatorial district and chairman committee on Federal Capital Territory, has proven to be unbowed and undaunted in the face of many political turbulences that have come his way.

His recent face-off with certain political stakeholders in his homestead readily comes to mind. That he has been able to weather all these storms would not come to many as a surprise because of his fastidious and radical approach to issues of this nature. Recall recently that intense pressure was mounted by some perceived enemies of the garrulous politician on his constituents to recall him from the red chamber but characteristic of him, he came out unscathed. Yet another face-off with incumbent governor of the state is another pointer to the invincibility of Dino Melaye, who since his days in the green chamber has been a recurring decimal in very knotty issues that border on principles he believed in. Even in spite of all these vicissitudes that have confronted him many still don’t see the good side of this man because of his unusual radical approach to issues. But glad enough, the man has been able to prove that despite his radicalism he still has some potency in many of the wars he has waged. Like him or hate him, the avowed Man-Friday of the senate president may continue to be in bad books of some but he’s not waning in his relentless goal to make good points at all times.

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