Sunday, Jan 2021
Sometimes life seems to be a petty thing unless there is pounding within it an enormous desire to extend its boundaries and at times we live in proportion to the extent to which we yearn to live more glorious life. These words can be likened to what has been playing out in the life of billionaire businessman turned politician Senator Buruji Kashamu. Despite his not too glittering outing on the floor of the upper chamber of NASS, the Omo-ilu Foundation convener still remains his generous and charitable self, as he has been wont to do in the past before his foray into politics. Penultimate week, the Ijebu-born senator was in his usual self when he added a year; although the birthday was low-keyed, many underprivileged and needy had a shoulder to lean on in Sen. Kashamu who give out cash and gift items to them for succor.  It was even scooped that the senator redeemed an earlier pledge to renovate a mosque in his town which he contributed a substantial amount towards the realization of the project which is already in progress. Give it to him any day; Senator Buruji Kashamu will continue to be a recurring decimal in the social, economic and political annals of his immediate environment, politics or no politics.
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