Though in life all good fortune is a gift of the gods, but no one can win the favour of the ancient gods by good but by being bold.’
These words are the best to describe the foremost businesswoman and former banking chief; Mrs. Cecilia Ibru and the untold tribulations that befell her during the Sanusi Lamido’s banking marginalization system, a few years back. But in recent time the wife to Nigeria’s top business mogul, late Olorogun Michael Ibru, is back to the minds of concerned people of the society, as she is set to regain independence from the many troubles she experienced during the banking Tsunami that changed positively the direction of the banking system in Nigeria. Information has it that The Federal Appeal Court sitting on her appealed case, has ruled that the apex bank, CBN, should proceed to collate all her seized assets, physical and cash, with a view to subtracting the actual amount she was alleged to have mismanaged, embezzled or misappropriated from the total amount, which is a far cry from the original amount credited to him to have stolen. This, at the end, will definitely give a sigh of relief, because the punitive measure to recover her stolen loot was very un-proportional to what was confiscated from her. Madam Cecilia will no sooner than now go back to the basics if the Appeal Court ruling is followed to the letter. your social media marketing partner