Sunday, Jan 2021

Children always take after their parents in terms of their achievements, mannerisms, industry and meticulousness.

These three virtuous daughters of the business mogul and industrialist, Aliko Dangote, have been able to keep faith with these words, through their silent industriousness and acumen which their father is widely known for. Many will not believe that Halima, Fatimah and Sadia have been in the saddle of their father’s many chains of businesses for years, doing excellently well in all the departments they find themselves, with good results to show for it; only that they do so underground without any publicity or trumpet-blowing. Besides, their peculiar northern culture does not allow a woman to be too loud about her achievement or officiousness. That is why many do not seem to hear much about their activities in their father’s humongous vast business empire, which is largely into manufacturing and produce merchandising. Kudos to these ladies all the same as they don’t even see themselves doing anything spectacular, even as they remain steadfast in their commitment to the fast-growing projection of the Dangote Group. They are indeed in their father’s shoes, just like children of other business moguls, who are making their fathers proud through their contribution to the golden goose laid by their fathers years back.

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