He is the son of the Chairman, but he does not hang any airs around himself. To many who do not know him as someone who does not brag about his prestigious background, he will come to them as a man with fine gesture.

Kabiru Rabiu is a young man with value and enterprise running in his blood. He serves as Group Executive Director of BUA International Limited. Rabiu, after being the general manager of BUA since 2005. For the record, he obtained his MBA International Business from American Intercontinental University, London England in 2002. He joined Nigerian Oil Mills Limited owned by BUA Group in 2002 as Assistant General Manager and was promoted to the post of General Manager in 2005. He is currently the Group Executive Director of BUA Group He has attended several courses within and outside Nigeria. With his top managerial post as the head of the company, Kabiru carries along all manner of staff in his dealings with them and has never been known to be a favourite of anyone of them. That is why his staff always clamour for him. Kabiru has leadership qualities, with an unassuming disposition he empathizes as a matured gentleman would with his reports, demonstrating care for employees and customers as well.

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