City businesswoman and entreprenuer, Hajia Bola Shagaya surely means many things to many people whether in business, politics, government, philanthrophy and what have you, not mention her visible feature in upscale social circuit. The story milled the rounds recently about her tribulations in financial mess and misappropriations of money running into billions of Naira and that this forced her into a hiatus of sort. It was alleged then that certain accounts of the multi-billionnaire Kwara-born woman in some banks were frozen because of their suspcious deposite with these banks, to the extent that she was touted to be fronting for the then first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, who is believed to be her main woman while in government. That was the story then, but recent happenings in the past few weeks have shown that the woman of substance is not in anyway deterred by these wreckless accusations as they were. Hajia Bola Shagaya proved many cynics wrong when she surfaced gleefully at some top notch events in quick succession much to the amazement of those who saw her at these outings and readily acceded to fact that Hajia Bola is not a woman that can be chicken out because of some frivolous statements made about her. In the last one month, the billionaire businesswoman dazzled the society circiut with her sophisticated attaires accompained by a quantum of whaoing jewelry which only good money can buy. The Sapphire and white diamond jewelry she wore to the Saro wedding is still creating trembles among her womenfolk and while still thinking of this maganificent appreance by Hajia, she was to turn out gorgeously at yet another society event in an eye-popping piece of jewelry. The woman with incredible wealth from different legitimate business ventures made yet another grand standing out at the Deola Sagoe Skirt Colloctions show, where those who saw her could not but admit the quintessence of the woman who has refused to cave in against all odds. only God knows what she is going to appear in when next she surfaces at the usuallyhigh-octane event she attends on a regular basis. No doubt, people find it very hard to believe that she is in anyway moved by many snide remarks made about her a couple of months back. The stupendously rich and influential Hajia Bola Shagaya, is very industrious woman with rare business acumen in a female gender, and above all a big time stakeholder in the local politics of Ilorin, her homestead, will forever remain a recurring decimal in any sphere she finds herself, complimenting this with her brain, brawn and beauty. your social media marketing partner