Many have been saying that the former governor of Zamfara State must love women a great deal but many don't know that is that his love for these women is beyond personally desires.

When he was chastised for marrying a young girl year back, only a few people regarded him as someone who has the girl’s education in mind. He has however come out to prove that women are beautiful and they should be encouraged to find their special talents and identities in life Sen. Sani Yerima is not someone that can't be taken for his words. He made mention recently that 'women are beautiful and they are more beautiful when they have education. My wife has a voice and all women should have a voice, I support women education, Yes, I do.' Meanwhile Sen. Ahmad Sani Yerima has advised the general public and school libraries that they should begin to play relevant roles and contribute to the eradication of discriminations against women. He also said it outlines the roles the public and school libraries must play in order to improve girl-child enrollment in schools as well as reduce school dropouts. He noted that this advocacy is not about him having married a young girl but it's about men looking after what this young girls what they will become in future. your social media marketing partner