After the Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele FAYOSE have instructed the state Accountant General and the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance to move the state account away from the Zenith Bank based on their disagreement on the Dasuki Fund EFCC saga with the governor.

The Bank Management paid a Business Advisory Visits- BAV, to sound him of the consequence of his action if taken as the state under him is heavily indebted to the bank in the face of BOND he took with the bank.
As usual Governor, Fayose was prepared to turn it to fanfares but the Bank Executives were smart enough not to stand with him side by side to be video or recorded granting interview to the press as he did to Tope Aluko in his usual cunning style.
He was not bold to say the bank came to beg him but his BUZZERS of town criers went to the street shouting on the Social Media that ZENITH BANK BEGS FAYOSE.........our investigation says that never happened but they were there to warn him of the dire consequences of his threat to severe business with the bank.
All that the governor said inside the bank on his forcible visit to the bank was also on tape.....CCTV where he threatened to unleash terror on the bank manager and other senior staff of the bank. He threatened them to relocate outside Ado because he can't guarantee their safety. Rather, it was Fayose that apologized for his outbursts and sober.
The video is there for you all to see where Fayose alone stood to grant interview while the bankers left him standing. He rose from the meeting and sat them in the open when he made the press crew to enter as he claimed alibi asking who asked the press men in? They reply the CPS he then asked them out but quietly in pretence he allowed the team of the Governor's Press Crew to still pressure the Bankers and as you can see those ones simply says "the banks spokesman was not in the team".
Lere Olayinka nor Idowu Adelusi could speak on the event otherwise it would be perceived that the government version of the story is what the Wailers are wailing on the Social Media. your social media marketing partner