A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has said the foundation of Nigeria was structured by the British that the ‘poor North’ would continue to rule while the ‘rich South’ will remain oppressed.


He noted that Nigeria has been destined to fail since its creation by the British in 1914.

The former minister who said this in a social media post added that the British gave the North Permanent rule before independence.

According to him, “The Nigeria that they (British) handed over to us in 1960 was nothing but an unworkable artificial state and a poisoned chalice. It was destined to fail right from the outset.

He said it was regrettable that Nigerians had failed to take their destinies into their own hands.

He added, “The British did the same thing in varying degrees when they left virtually each and every one of their other third world colonies.

The Peoples Democratic Party chieftain said the only way to address the “unfair” arrangement was for Nigeria to embrace true federalism.


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