The grinding situation of things in Edo State is all about transformation and restructuring in all its ramifications: economy, infrastructure, agriculture, human resources and education but not limited to all these as we are poised to embrace other spheres of the developmental processes in the state.

Remarks from the independent-minded stakeholder in the state ‘the government are trying to re-position the state to re-enact what we met on ground when came on board; because virtually nothing was working in a state so endowed as Edo, the Heart Beat of Nigeria.’ The very-focused and implicitly technocrat Governor of the state, Godwin Obaseki, was so much inclined into joining politics, for the good reason of impacting and contributing to the development and progress of the state nay Nigeria in general; and politics is the only avenue he can use to achieve these.

Little wonder, the erstwhile Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomohle, had no choice but to call him on board to help in facilitating the good potential of the state as the Chairman, Economic and Strategy team, which he did wonderfully well; and this was when his good virtues as a nation builder were spotted.

In essence, Adams Oshiomhole, now the Chairman of APC, gave him the nod to take over from him as the next Governor of the state to continue from where he left the mantle of office. Oshiomhole frantically canvassed for him throughout all the local governments of the state, and he won overwhelmingly in the ensued gubernatorial election, and has since been delivering on his electioneering campaign promises.

Meanwhile, the much-touted feud and bickering between him and Oshiomhole only exist on the pages of newspapers and largely the social media, which are not far from the evil machinations of mischief makers and detractors who are not favourably disposed to the potent vanguard of restructuring and upwardly mobile transformation of the state, which Obaseki has been transparently championing since he came on board as the Executive Governor of the state.

‘They are just ranting and grandstanding to pull him down in order to achieve their selfish ends by setting him on a collision course with his mentor and greatest supporter, Adams Oshiomhole. These people are deliberately presenting a wrong position of things to Oshiomhole in order to create an unnecessary face-off between the two, believing that the former labour leader-cum-politician could use all his wherewithal and party position to cause a distraction for the evidently performing governor; but they have failed in all their mischief because the former governor, Oshiomhole, has followed religiously all the good deeds of Obaseki since he assumed office, and will not allow these agents of backwardness to delude him with such unfounded and baseless reasons of their Obaseki’s non-performance sheet in office. It is part of politics, and Oshiomhole knows better when these people are at work with their scheming and evil machinations.’

In retrospect, just in less than four years of his first term in office, Obaseki has braved all odds to record impeccable achievements in these key areas like tackling insecurity, human trafficking with quality education, being the role of good governance in eliminating terrorism, crime, kidnapping, youth empowerment, much to the improvement of lives of the ordinary people of his state.

The Edo State government, through the transparently performing governor, has repeatedly promised that those who volunteered themselves and key into our prioritized research-based production engineering and technology-driven knowledge within the reach of the demography of young people and specifically for the training of technologists, artisans and craftsmen in Engineering fields such as: Automobile Mechanics; Electrical installation; Welding and Fabrication; Building Construction; Mechanical Craft and Drafting; Wood Work; Business Studies; Radio and Television; and Catering and Management among others, would be supported by the government to set-up their own small-scale businesses.

He stands tall and feels boundlessly happy to say that the government has successfully established a functional innovation hub and a production centre in line with its lofty dream of technological transformation of Edo State into a technology-hub that will be a pride of South-South Nigeria and the entire country. The economic impact of these technology-based educational institutions on their immediate environment and the lives of Returnees both in the short, medium and long term cannot be over-emphasized.

On efforts to reintegrate returnees from human trafficking, over six Hundred and thirty-three (633) returnees have benefitted from the first phase of the training and skill acquisition program. A single returnee is entitled to a monthly stipend of N20,000, while female pregnant returnees are entitled to a monthly stipend of N25,000 each. Children returnees who of course come in company of their parents or single mothers are entitled to N10, 000 monthly.

This good system of governance enhances the capacity of the state to respond efficiently and effectively to the numerous societal demands. What is now in the conscious of many in the state is how to be wary of greedy politicians who are dangerously scheming to fill their insatiable appetite. This is what the Governor and the Edo State Government are trying to do to avert the antecedents of many people in opposition, who can never see anything good in what a good government is doing.

The economist entrepreneur has used his vast experience to bring values and immeasurable competences to change the face of politics in the state, and this is what is irking many who are not easily disposed to his intentions to put the politics in the right dimension; even as he has continued to fix the economy of the state to attract foreign investors for more investments; and to present the state as the Heart Beat of the Nation via his laudable agenda, which he promised and is not reneging on. your social media marketing partner

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