Despite all the controversies, bickering and shenanigans mounting up in the Heartbeat of the Nation state, Edo, one contender in the whole hullaballoo is the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki.

Forget all the unfounded allegations and counter allegations surrounding his posturing in the matter, he still stands tall, unscathed, unperturbed and remains lofty high among the lot in the entire political hostilities gathering against him in the party, APC. He has been able to muster all the political might and muscle in his arsenal to garner a sizeable followership for self and the party, on the road to his second coming as a governor of the Edo State. The very-focused and implicitly technocratic Governor of the state, Obaseki, was so much inclined into joining politics, for the good reason of impacting and contributing to the development and progress of the state, nay Nigeria, in general; and politics, he believed is the only avenue he can use to achieve all these novel intentions of his. In retrospect, just in less than four years of his first term in office, it was gathered that Obaseki has braved all odds to record impeccable achievements in these key areas like: tackling insecurity and human trafficking with quality education, eliminating terrorism, crime, kidnapping, with role of good governance and youth empowerment much to the improvement of lives of ordinary people of his state. He stands tall and feels boundlessly happy to say that the government has successfully established a functional innovation hub and a production centre in line with his lofty dream of technological transformation of Edo State into a technology-hub that will be a pride of South-South Nigeria, and the entire country. The economic impact of these technology-based educational institutions on their immediate environment and the lives of returnees, both in the short, medium and long terms cannot be over-emphasized. Obaseki’s governance enhances the capacity of the state to respond efficiently and effectively to the numerous societal demands. What is now in the consciousness of many in the state is for him to be wary of some greedy politicians who are dangerously scheming to whet their insatiable appetite with the common wealth of the people. This is what the Governor and the Edo State Government are trying to do to avert the antecedents of many people in opposition, who can never see anything good in what a good government is doing. The economist-entrepreneur has used his vast experience to bring values and immeasurable competences to change the face of politics in the state, and this is what is irking many who are not easily disposed to his good intentions to put the polity in the right dimension; even as he has continued to fix the economy of the state to attract foreign investors to the state for more investments; and to present the state as the true Heart Beat of the Nation, not only by mentioning but via his laudable agenda, which he promised them during electioneering campaigns. Bespectacled Obaseki has so much deployed his wisdom and unbridled first term outing as governor of the state to ensure a smooth landing for him in the coming polls. At the national, state, local government and ward levels, Obaseki has so entrenched himself positively, that it will take a magician or a miracle worker to upstage him when the chips are down. your social media marketing partner