Wednesday, Jan 2021

He has been a consequential player in Ogun state politics, but his recent victory at the last poll has proved that those who stand tenaciously by their aspiration, without relenting, will always smile at the end of the day.

Prince Adedapo Abiodun, the confirmed Ogun State Governor-elect, however, differs from the imperilled sailor stereotype, having ridden out storms on the nation’s business and political coasts. He has somehow developed a knack for daring the lion in its den. The handsome, bespectacled billionaire businessman has managed to stay on course, despite the storms, travails and whirlwinds that threatened his fortune in his gubernatorial ambition. Today, he is the better for it, even when some powerful politicians in his state sniggered at his audacious political ambition.

Dapo never wavered, and all these parameters have seen him through the odds of his astute entrepreneurship and patronage of his party. The Heyden boss symbolizes the common core of entrepreneurial depth, tact, and other personal and social abilities which have all summed up to prove his key ingredients of brilliance and intellectual sagacity, nay politics. His beloved Ogun State is now at the threshold of what could be described as its sweetest epoch of statesmanship and politics.

Following Abiodun’s emergence as the governor-elect, the nooks, crannies and political circuits of the state are ecstatic with joy and unusual triumphant eulogies for Dapo Abiodun. In the wake of his hard-earned victory, Dapo Abiodun has been receiving congratulatory messages from foremost international magnates, royal fathers, politicians and the good and law-abiding citizens of Ogun State, just as he is promising not to disappoint them for reposing their confidence in him.

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