In politics, there are no permanent interests, especially when these interests conflict on either side of those involved.

There are presently grand dimensions in the latest political evolution of Lagos State. Two principal actors are the incumbent governor of the state, Akinwunmi Ambode and the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Mudashiru Obasa. The latest clandestine move to impeach the governor is allegedly said to be engineered by the Speaker, who appears to be enjoying Ambode’s albatross. Little wonder, all the shortcomings of Ambode are not playing well for him, but Obasa is capitalizing on all these to edge the out-going governor from office. Those in the know, especially political analysts have justified Ambode as still being loyal to the party hierarchy, despite all the travails he is facing. The impeachment notice recently served him by the House is not unconnected to his refusal to review the budget, and this, the House sees as not being respectful to constituted authority. Lagosians are now sympathizing with the embattled governor, wishing that at least he should be allowed to complete his already due tenure. But Obasa is insisting on taking his pound of flesh from Ambode, a calculated move that will make Ambode to be the first governor ever to be impeached in Lagos State. Akinwunmi Ambode, despite all his good deeds as a performing governor, is still not favoured by the Obasa-led LSHA, which has divided the House into many factions. Interestingly, Obasa’s constituency in Agege, is believed to have benefitted more from Ambode’s good works, but Obasa cares less, because he is bent on nailing the governor. That is what is making many to think of what Ambode could have done for Obasa, to deserve such a deep-seated assault, but who will save Ambode from Obasa is a development that is leaving many confused on where the wager will lead to. your social media marketing partner

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