Like the popular saying, that in politics ‘there are no permanent friends but permanent interests.’

This saying may have crept in into the rank and file of the winner of the Lagos state primaries election, Babajide Sanwo-olu, and the development is already assuming a nauseating and unwholesome proportion, which could leave much to be desired in the Lagos APC set-up in the build up to the 2019 general elections in the state. A reliable source informed this stable that those who toiled day and night through the campaign organization of Babajide Sanwo-olu, BOSCO, are being stealthily planned to be schemed out by a powerful bloc in the incumbent Governor Ambode’s administration that will ultimately wind up come May 29, 2019. Thus, these powerful individuals have started to surreptitiously infiltrate the Sanwo-olu camp, with a view to still remain relevant in the scheme of things after Ambode might have hopefully handed over to Sanwo-olu if he eventually wins the governorship election. The source claimed that these Sanwo-olu boys and loyalists who struggled from the beginning to the end for Sanwo-olu’s victory are now allegedly resisting vehemently the subterranean moves of these Ambode goons, and will go to any length to ensure that their labour is not put in vain by these invaders who obviously want to reap from where they did not sow ab initio. The matter has even reached the attention of the kingmaker of Lagos politics, BAT, who has instructed these heavyweights to leave the BOSCO boys alone and let them continue the good job they started without let or hindrance. These BOSCO team, including a chunk of the 57 LG and LCDA bosses, who sacrificed their offices to work for Sanwo-olu’s victory, and the DG, BOSCO, Tayo Ayinde are not leaving any stone unturned to allow these exploiters from Ambode’s caucus take the shine away from them for reason of their interests which have now definitely changed for reasons that are not far-fetched. These powerful people are touted to be the incumbent SSG, Tunji Bello, Dele Alake, Sunday Dare amongst others, having realized that their aim of penetrating the Sanwo-olu may not be achievable, have decided to form a BOSCO Elders’ Council to use as a hideous means of checkmating the Tayo Ayinde-led BOSCO team. And since this Elders’ Council was mooted and eventually formed, it has begun to create a division in the BOSCO team, and things are now virtually no longer at ease, even as they are diplomatically managing the development, since everyone now sees Sanwo-olu as the next bride to court in Lagos. your social media marketing partner