In the Lagos West senatorial district’s political terrain, one name that is fast becoming a recurring decimal is the arrival of quintessential politician and former diplomat, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro on the scene, as a formidable aspirant for the senate seat in the district.

This coming on the heels that the one being touted to be the favoured on for the office, incumbent Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola a.k.a Yayi, is now being strongly being given a hot run for his money by the Koro factor. For one, it is a known fact in many circles across the state that by all parameters, Yayi is not a match for Koro in any political contest, going by his antecedents in the political landscape of Lagos state and the nation in general. Safe for being a governor, Koro has occupied virtually all the political positions available; from being a local government chairman, to Commissioner in Lagos, to Senator, to Ambassador and lately a minister, the thorough-bred Koro has had it all, and all these are what will come in for him when the battle gets tough. And these are what are now giving Yayi sleepless nights, as he just cannot match Koro’s political sagacity, especially now that he has come back to his original political nest, APC, an offshoot of AD, AC an CAN, all of which he was part of the architects in their embryonic stages, when Yayi was virtually a political neophyte and upstart. Yayi, who initially was angling for the governorship of Ogun state, but had to retrace his steps for some reasons that are better left in his imagination, had to return to Lagos to resume another shot at the Senate, which he had hitherto signified intention of not going back, because of his Ogun guber ambition, now has more hurdles to cross and nuts to crack, as a new and more astute politician has thrown his hat into the ring for the same office. Give or take, if the two are left to tackle each other for the post, the winner at the end of the day, will be the one with more grounding and filial relationship with the grand master at Bourdillon, and we need not tell you who that person will be of the two. This is where the fear of Yayi actually emanated from, as Koro is not a small fry in the game of politics to wish away, and is more than ever ready to make real his ambition come 2019. your social media marketing partner