He has been on the political turf as a honourable member of the vibrant Lagos State House of Assembly for almost two decades now; culminating in his election as the Speaker of the House.

This is no doubt a feat for a man who has been serving his people diligently and effortlessly for a record four terms in the LSHA, and he is still going on strong as the Speaker of the House, which many, and even his colleagues have applauded him for. But what is coming out from the grapevine from his Agege 1 Constituency, is that the deeply grass rooted politician is subtly scheming to have another shot at the House come 2019, thus making a fifth term appearance at the Legislative House as a member and possibly retain his speakership seat. If he pulls through, this will no doubt be a record and history making for the trained lawyer politico. But what is emanating from his constituency is that some stakeholders and party stalwarts in his constituency, especially those whom he had bitten their fingers, are already grouping up to truncate his dream; saying that he is not the only one in the Agege 1 constituency that the enviable seat is reserved for, and that he should either aim for a higher post at the national level or forget the idea. But trust the master political tactician, Obasa, he sure knows how to get out of a logjam, when the chips are down. Again, Speaker Obasa has installed many of his protégés in many plum political offices and appointments, all of whom he may be banking on for a soft landing when the real game of politicking starts in earnest.

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