He is the grandson of the sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and he has held many plum posts at the federal level. But feelers coming in are that he is inching to be the next governor of Ogun State. His ambition, it is said, is a great man’s madness, but Segun Awolowo, begs to differ. The brilliant man seeks to affect no madness; he only seeks to serve his people in Ogun State in more appreciable capacities. The social barometer is flailing wildly as you read. In twos and threes and more, it is being discussed in hushed tones and sometimes overtly, that Segun is more than ready to contest in 2019. He intends to become the state governor, according to the news making the rounds. To achieve his dream, his loyalists have embarked on a rigorous underground campaign to touch the nooks and crannies of Ogun state to intimate the people with his ambition. Segun is no doubt entitled to his ambition, but let’s hope he would make accountability his watchword if he gets the ticket eventually. Segun is reportedly banking on his family name, and his brother-in-law, VP, Professor Yemi Osinbajo. But among the ruling class of Ogun state in particular, many are of the belief that Segun cannnot withstand the political challenges his grandfather faced. Where he stands can only be deciphered by his foot-soldiers, who are waiting in the wings to reap from his largesse as a former Director General of Nigerian Exports Promotions Council, NEPC. How he will make his ambition come to pass, is now left in the imagination of those who know what it takes to rule the state, without hanging on the appendages of one’s forbears.
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