She had been in the political foray since the advent of the fourth republic politics and has been an active player, reaching the senatorial level with glee, until she lost her seat in the Red Chamber during the 2011 general elections.
Since then, Senator Grace Folasade Bent went into a somewhat political oblivion quietly contributing to the political terrain underground; only to bounce back few months ago. Though many had foreseen her comeback on the political scene, what could not be ascertained immediately are the finer details of her moves.
Senator Bent had made history in 2007, when she unprecedentedly defeated her opponents in the senatorial election to represent Adamawa South, the largest senatorial district in the state, on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), even though she is only an Adamawa citizen by marriage. But when the Ilesa, Osun State-born politician failed to secure the party ticket in 2011; her fans could not wait to see her return to politics, where she had impacted positively on the lives of people in her senatorial district. Bent has now made her intention known to go back to the Senate; and she is said to be receiving the blessings of the powers that be and the masses.
Before her election into the Senate, Bent was a political adviser to the then PDP National Chairman, Audu Ogbe. Bent cut her teeth in politics at the University of Calabar, where she was actively involved in students’ unionism. your social media marketing partner