Contrary to the news flying around about the crack in the Lagos state house of Assembly, the speaker, Mudashiru Obasa has remained undaunted even in the face of stiff opposition to his exalted office. Many have said that Rt. Hon. Obasa is not having best of time as the leader of the House but the amiable and well-compose leader of the House is not yet agreeable with the many allegations leveled against him, even as there still mounting pressures from within and outside the House to upstage him. In his character as a fourth term member of Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Muda Obasa his braving all odds to sweep aside all the travils that have been coming his since he became the number one lawmaker in Lagos State. As if all these are not enough, there’s a particular member of the House, who is pulling all strings to make sure that Muda Obasa becomes an ordinary floor member just like new members of the House, who are learning from Obasa’s experience. Give or take, Hon. Obasa is up to the task and he is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that he retains his plum post at the Lagos State House of Assembly. In the House now, Obasa is closing all the gaps that could affect his position as the leader of the House and there are indications that everything is working perfectly well for him; just as the executive body of the state is impartial about goings-on in the Legislative House. your social media marketing partner